Watch Out For The Fake PSN Codes Generators

It’s a massive problem when there’s a bunch of fake websites offering free PSN codes in the wild among the real ones for users to perform some sorts of impossible tasks to earn them. Scam artists come out of the woodwork and figured out that they could earn money even though they didn’t give any PSN card codes to anyone at all! Naturally this filled the entire spectrum of search results with a plethora of these would-be earners, but it’s very easy to spot them if you look for tell-tale clues such as a random character generator or something blocking your access until you complete some kind of task.

A real PSN code generator can easily be distinguished from the fake ones… some of the real ones are actually funded by 3rd party GPT website profits as a way of giving back to the players. This is when ad revenue is high enough that it allows the administrator to fund the PSN cards to their visitors easily. The random character generators may look like the real thing but they just have a bunch of bells and whistles to make them look like the real thing. The old adage comes to mind, everything that glitters isn’t gold.

It can be very time consuming trying to rack up enough points on the points websites because these sites tend to shave a lot of the profits from you to fund their greed. Typically, an offer displayed to you which would gain you 100 points for instance (which for example’s sake is the equivalent of one dollar on these sites) would actually earn the administrator something like 4 dollars. So you sit there wasting hours trying to get these surveys to convert to no avail… what’s worse is sometimes the advertiser will not allow you to complete the offer thereby wasting your time and giving you no points at all! That’s why we have developed a great way to dish out the goods, we give you free PSN codes from our PSN code generator without any requirements whatsoever. If your code doesn’t work for any reason you can simply refresh the page to get yourself a brand new one.

There are numerous types of giveaways to say the least but it’s very hard to find the legitimate ones through the massive amount of fakes out there. I would say the ratio from fake to real is something like 90/10 making it very difficult for even the most diligent of searchers to achieve their goal.

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